Fresh 1.2.3

Never lose track of your recently downloaded files again

If you download files to your desktop regularly like I do, it can be hard sometimes to keep track of where the files are. View full description


  • Makes tracking downloads easier
  • Attractive interface
  • Easy to understand and use


  • Doesn't add any huge advantages to just using your downloads folder and desktop

Not bad

If you download files to your desktop regularly like I do, it can be hard sometimes to keep track of where the files are.

Clutter soon mounts up and that essential file you need can suddenly prove elusive. Fresh aims to make this problem a thing of the past by intuitively tracking and displaying your most recent downloads. It is designed to hide itself when you are not using it and yet appear on demand when you need your files.

Fresh is very easy to understand and use. There are two main bands to Fresh which sprawl across your screen. The first band shows every new file that you've recently downloaded. You can delete items from the list by dragging them out of Fresh although they will still physically stay on your drive. To physically remove them, press "Cmd-Delete". The lower band is the "The Cooler". The Cooler is there to drag those downloads that you'll definitely be using later so that they don't get mixed up with all your other downloads.

To throw a document into the trash, just press 'command - delete' or drag it to the trash can in the dock. Since new items will be appearing in the 'Fresh Files' area all the time, if you see a file there that you will be working with today, just drag it into the 'Cooler' below. The Cooler works like a desktop with the difference being is that file can be located anywhere on your Mac and it cleans itself out automatically when it's full, thus preventing too much clutter like you'd find in your download folder. You can also tag your files by dragging and dropping them into a special tagger to enable you to search for them within Fresh.

Fresh is a nice idea but it relies on you keeping on top of your downloads to prevent files from disappearing from The Cooler. If you can't keep on top of them in your downloads stack, then it's unlikely you can with Fresh but it could make things a bit easier.


  • Only updates fresh items on switching to foreground, which stops icons from moving around while you use it.
  • Paths now show up in about 2 seconds as opposed to 4 or so.
  • Really think I have any CPU problems fixed


Fresh 1.2.3